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ICYMI: Parisot ran for mayor in Maryland town

Craig Parisot sure has an odd relationship with his own statements. Following last week's desperate attempt to walk back having no position on all-day kindergarten, the Loudoun Times-Mirror revealed today that Craig seems to have forgotten about his last campaign for public office.
Wonder why Craig conveniently failed to mention that he's run before -- maybe because it was in Maryland?

What else will we find he hasn't been truthful about?


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Statement from Virginia Democrats on Governor McAuliffe's Budget Plan

Statement from Morgan Fin


Will Republicans Choose to Protect Virginia's Communities?

Governor McAuliffe today announced bold steps to protect Virginia's communities and keep dangerous weapons out of criminals' hands. Following through on a campaign promise, Governor McAuliffe put forward common-sense proposals that addresses serious issues such as dangerous gun show loopholes and the stockpiling and trafficking of deadly handguns.  Governor McAuliffe also seeks to protect families and victims of domestic violence by keeping guns out of the hands of those with protective orders or who have committed domestic abuse. 

 Will Virginia Republicans pass these common-sense proposals, or will they allow domestic violence offenders to keep dangerous weapons? Will they put aside their extreme Tea Party agenda to help close gun show loopholes? Or will they continue to defend a broken status-quo where dangerous people can buy as many guns as they please, sometimes without having to even go through a background check?