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Free Lance-Star: An opportunity for Virginia to earn a reputation for energy efficiency

Governor McAuliffe knows that energy efficiency is good for business, good for the environment and good for the economy. His Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency and consumption goals provide major tools for growing the Virginia economy while taking real action on environmental issues.

Editorial | May 20, 2015


Dave Brat One-Ups Barbara Comstock, Compares Undocumented Immigrants to ISIS

Virginia Democrats' Latino Caucus Responds to Brat's Offensive Comments
Immigrants in Virginia just cannot catch a break from their conservative representatives in Congress. As if Barbara Comstock reducing New Americans to FedEx packages wasn't bad enough, Dave Brat's reminding folks that he, too, is offensive. He argued on the John Fredericks Radio Show yesterday that undocumented immigrants who want to join the military weren't actually showing their patriotism, because "ISIS is willing to serve in our military as well."
Yes, Dave Brat thinks undocumented immigrants who would put their lives on the line for our country are no more patriotic than ISIS. 

"Rep. Brat's comments equating DREAMers to ISIS are both reprehensible and sadly predictable. It's sad, but unsurprising, that he's managed to top Barbara Comstock's insensitive comments comparing immigrants to FedEx packages," said Monique Alcala, President of the Virginia Democrats Latino Caucus. "Comparing hard-working American patriots in our workforce and schools to terrorists is offensive fearmongering. Theare not terrorists; they are Americans."


Jeb Bush To Remind Everyone Of How Awesome The Indiana Discrimination Law Is In Liberty U Speech

Jeb Bush will take the stage at Liberty University today to unabashedly pander to the evangelical right-wing, the backbone of today's Republican Party. Yesterday, excerpts of his speech were released, showing that Jeb will focus on defending extremely socially conservative policies -- including the Indiana right-to-discriminate law.
Jeb has made his priorities clear from the get-go. He was the first GOP presidential candidate to defend the anti-LGBT law, and today will blame "coercive federal power" for getting in the way of those who wish to discriminate. But that's not all: he'll reference his staunch opposition to a woman's right to choose. As Governor, he infamously intervened in controversial abortion cases, including those involving children.