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'Primary focus' of Virginia GOP to be resisting Supreme Court marriage ruling

In Texas, government clerks are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite the Supreme Court's landmark ruling last month. In Mississippi and Louisiana, attorneys general dragged their feet and refused to actually implement the law of the land. And in Virginia, Republican lawmakers have vowed to make Indiana-style discrimination laws the 'primary focus' of the next legislative session.

Yes, the primary focus. Not creating jobs. Not improving transportation. Not insuring 400,000 Virginians without healthcare. Republicans in the General Assembly are so out-of-touch, they believe Virginians want one thing above all else: discrimination against LGBT people. 


While Bill Howell, Tommy Norment and Todd Gilbert focus on ways to circumvent  the Court's ruling, Virginia Democrats are focused on what actually matters to voters: growing the economy and creating opportunity for all families.

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ICYMI: Chesterfield Observer: Despite call to disarm, abusers still pack heat

In this chilling piece from the Chesterfield Observer, the real consequences of allowing domestic abusers free access to guns are tragically clear. 

This past legislative session, Democrats fought for common-sense protections designed to keep Virginians safe while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners. One of the central priorities of Governor McAuliffe's gun safety plan was keeping guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers and stalkers. Bills proposed by Delegate Kathleen Murphy (D - McLean) and Senator Barbara Favola (D - Arlington) addressed this very issue. Yet, Republicans in the General Assembly voted to ensure that people convicted of these very crimes could remain armed.

How do these Republicans justify their votes to allow someone with a history of violent domestic assault unfettered access to guns?


So, Now Dick Black Is Comparing Women's Groups To ISIS

Dick Black is getting a lot of attention lately, and not the good kind. Today Emily's List announced that the right-wing Loudoun senator has been placed "On Notice," meaning he's committed such egregious acts of terribleness that, for the first time ever, they're adding a state legislator to their top-targets list.

Black responded in his typically out-of-touch fashion, comparing Emily's List to... ISIS. Yes, really.

Dick Black: Come for the heinously offensive social views, stay for comparing a women's group to an international terrorist organization. 

Where'd he learn that one, his buddy Scott Walker? The Wisconsin governor infamously compared union members to ISIS, and that sure worked out well for him