State Steering Committee

The Steering Committee governs all party matters between meetings of the state Central Committee and is made up of members from all across the Commonwealth of Virginia, including officers of the Central Committee and each congressional district chair.

The Honorable Dwight Jones

Ms. Gaylene Kanoyton
1st Vice Chair, Organization 

Mr. Fred W. Hudson
2nd Vice Chair of Rules

L. Louise Lucas
Vice Chair for Outreach

Mr. Dave Leichtman
Vice Chair, Technology & Communications

Dr. Steve Bunn

Ms. Barbara Klear

Marc K. Broklawski
1st CD Chair-
Twitter:  @VA1stCDDems
Phone:  540-395-DEMS

Ms. Sandra Brandt
2nd CD Chair - Virginia Beach

Mr. Walter Johnson
3rd CD Chair- Henrico

Ms. Susan J. Rowland
4th CD Chair- Chesapeake

Lisa Hystad
Chair 5th CD-Stanardsville

Joe Fitzgerald
6th CD Chair

Ms. Abbi Easter
7th CD Chair- Chesterfield

Ms. Margo Horner
8th CD Chair- Arlington

Mr. Isaac Sarver
9th CD Chair-Pulaski

Mr. Charlie Jackson
10th CD Chair-Ashburn

Mr. George Burke
11th CD Chair Fairfax

Ms. Doris Crouse - Mays

Delegate Jennifer McClellan

Mr. Frank Leone

Ms. Atima Omara-Alwala
DNC; President, Young Democrats of America

Ms. Mame Reiley

The Honorable George Wallace

Ms. Susan Swecker

Alice Germond
Secretary Emeritus DNC

Mr. Ray Davenport
Chair, Labor Caucus

Mr. Gene Magruder
Chair, VA Association of Democratic Chairs

Ms. Evelyn Morris-Harris
Chair, Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia

Sheila Olem
Chair, Women's Caucus

Ms. Monique Alcala
President, Latino Caucus

Ms. Maggie  Sacra
LGBT Caucus

Terron Sims

Chair, Veterans and Military Families Caucus

Gonzalo Aida
President, Young Democrats

Cyliene Montgomery
Chair, disAbility Caucus

Dewita Soeharjono
Chair, Asian-American Caucus

Delegate Charniele Herring
Immediate Past Chair