Virginia Republicans Choose Limiting Access to Polls Over Jobs and Lasting Infrastructure


RICHMOND -- Today, Republicans in both the House and the Senate voted to pass bills aimed at limiting every Virginian's voting rights. SB719 and HB 1337 would restrict voters from using a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck which shows the name and address of the voter, all of which are currently valid forms of voter ID. SB 1256 would require photo ID at the polls, essentially eliminating all forms of identification unless a voter has a photo ID. SB 1256 spends taxpayer dollars by mandating the State Board issue voter ID containing a voter's photograph and signature if the voter does not have another form of photo ID. 


"Restricting access to the polls by mandating photo ID does nothing but confuse voters who are used to heading to the polls with their just their voter ID card or previous forms of ID allowed," said DPVA Chair Del. Charniele Herring. "Instead of passing bills that create jobs and work towards a comprehensive transportation package, Republicans are focused on rigging elections by limiting access to the polls, while placing the burden on the taxpayer."


"Virginia Republicans should turn their focus back to what their constituents sent them to Richmond to do instead of coming back to these sore loser bills bent on making it harder and harder for people to vote."