Virginia Legislators Denounce Cuccinelli's Attacks on Medicare and Social Security


Richmond, VA - Today at a press conference in the Virginia Capitol members of the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates held a press conference to respond to statements in Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's new book attacking Medicare and Social Security and those who benefit from them as "getting the goodies" and "dependent on government."


"Ken Cuccinelli's extremism has reached a new low with his suggestion that Americans who have paid into Medicare and Social Security are 'dependent on government', 'getting the goodies' and incapable of making decisions in their own their own best interests," said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring.


"These notions that Attorney General Cuccinelli are putting forward are an attack not only on these programs and the people who benefit from them, but also on people of faith," said Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Donald McEachin. "I hope Virginians will come together and reject these attacks on what many of us believe we are called to do: come together for the common good of every Virginian."


"This notion that people who receive Medicare and Social Security benefits are somehow dependent on government is very disturbing," said House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano. "Many Virginians have paid into these programs for many years and now rely on them for their retirement.  Ken Cuccinelli's notion that we should do away with them is contrary to the American ideal. We should be focused on strengthening this Commonwealth rather than denigrating people who have worked hard and are now receiving benefits for which they have paid over many years."


House Democratic Caucus Chair Mark Sickles concluded, "These comments by Ken Cuccinelli should send a warning signal to every Virginian about the type of agenda Ken Cuccinelli would bring to the Governor's mansion. Virginians simply cannot afford to hand their government over to someone who regards millions of us as "dependent on government" and only interested in "goodies." 


Virginia Senator Barbara Favola continued, "Ken Cuccinelli's comments are shameful and hurtful. The people he is referring to are hard working Virginians, many of whom who have served our country in the armed forces. To suggest that they and our retired teachers, police officers and so many others do not deserve a secure and dignified retirement is offensive to all Virginians."


Virginia Senator Mark Herring also participated in today's press conference and released a separate statement to the media.