Virginia Democrats React to Governor McDonnell's Budget Amendments



Today, Virginia Democrats released the following statement in response to Governor McDonnell's proposed amendments to the state's biennial budget:

"As we continue to dig ourselves out of the worst economic period we've seen in decades, it is critical that we focus on a pragmatic approach to sustain Virginia's future as the best place to live, work and raise a family," said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring. "The Governor's budget fails to address some of the Commonwealth's core priorities. Raiding money from education to fund transportation not only fails to address the need for Virginia's roads and infrastructure but diverts much-needed funds away from Virginia students.

"As we move in to the 2013 legislative session it is my hope that the members of the General Assembly will put politics ahead of ideology and move forward to do what's best for Virginia's hard working families." 

Chair of the Democratic Senate Caucus McEachin continued, "The state's budget should be a moral document that reflects the values and priorities of  Virginians. I find unconscionable the Governor's decision not to include any funding for the expansion of Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of Virginia's working poor. Expanding Medicaid will provide essential health care to hard-working Virginians who are struggling to support families as well as create jobs. In the upcoming General Assembly session, I hope to work with my collegues in the legislature to grow jobs and improve health care for Virginians by expanding Medicaid." 

"Governor McDonnell had the opportunity to make a substantial investment in Virginia's diverse and growing health care economy," said Chair of the Democratic House Caucus Sickles. "McDonnell's failure to address routine health care for over 400,000 Virginians is irresponsible and counterproductive.  I look forward to working with members of the General Assembly over the next few months to expand access to Medicaid and affordable health care for Virginia seniors and working poor."