VA AG's Race: Can the Next Cuccinelli Please Stand Up?


RICHMOND --  As Ken Cuccinelli finishes his term as Attorney General while looking to higher office, Virginia Republicans scramble to find candidates to fill Cuccinelli's cowboy boots. 

"Virginia's Republican party is quickly shaping up to be the breeding ground for extremists like Ken Cuccinelli," said DPVA Executive Director Lauren Harmon. "Instead of protecting Virginians, he turned the office of the Attorney General into a platform for his out of touch, tea party ideology and now Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell are working hard to follow in his footsteps.

"Obenshain and Bell have spent the last two years jockeying to be Cuccinelli's ideological counterpart, they opposed the bipartisan transportation funding plan that Cuccinelli tried to derail,sponsored legislation that created more obstacles for voters, and both favored last year's controversial ultrasound bill. 

"Virginians need an Attorney General who will put Virginians ahead of politics-not a Cuccinelli clone."