Transportation: As others lead, Cuccinelli promotes gridlock


Yesterday a bipartisan coalition of Virginia leaders including Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Terry McAuliffe endorsed a transportation funding compromise.

Standing apart from any compromise is Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli opposed Governor McDonnell's original plan, instead endorsing an extreme and inadequate rival proposal from Senator Steve Newman. Cuccinelli's preferred plan was so far outside the mainstream that even Republicans like Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said it made reaching a transportation solution less likely. 

"Ken Cuccinelli is more interested in political gridlock than finding solutions to our transportation challenges," said DPVA Executive Director Lauren Harmon. "While leaders in Virginia are working to find a bipartisan compromise, extreme ideologues like Cuccinelli are an impediment to progress.  Virginians deserve better than a Governor who would rather let a crisis go unsolved than compromise to get the job done."


Conservative Washington Post Columnist Rubin: Cuccinelli's "Political Duplicity" Made it Harder to Find Transportation Compromise.  "Taking on the all-or-nothing crowd, McDonnell proposed elimination of the gas tax and a small hike in the sales tax (0.8 percentage points) to be dedicated to transportation. It would raise about $845 million, roughly a fourth of it coming from the federal government. Cuccinelli initially praised the effort. But after hearing the hollering of the grass roots he quickly shifted position. Cuccinelli backed an alternative plan by state Sen. Stephen D. Newman. Aside from the political duplicity, Cuccinelli's decision to back a bill that is insufficient to the commonwealth's needs shows how impractical he can be. He is a dogged ideologue, which might be fine in a deep-red state or as a federal lawmaker when you are one of 365 or 100, but the governor of a purple state must be a practical problem solver. Cuccinelli suggests he will be anything but." [Washington Post, 2/5/13]