McDonnell and Virginia GOP Turn Back the Clock


 McDonnell and Virginia GOP Turn Back the Clock

RICHMOND, VA - DPVA Chairman Brian Moran issued the following statement on Governor McDonnell signing Senate Bill 1.

"Governor McDonnell's signing of the voter identification bill on Friday has done little more than further the already appalling disconnect between Virginians and the Virginia GOP
. This bill is a solution in search of a problem - requiring voter identification aims to restrict the access of the elderly, students, and minorities across the commonwealth to their most fundamental right, voting.

"Republicans in the General Assembly and Governor McDonnell would have seen their time better spent focusing on issues Virginians face every day, like failing schools and crumbling infrastructure, rather than playing trumped-up political games. Instead of aiming to make Virginia the best place to live work and raise a family, Governor McDonnell
has used the 2012 legislative session as his vehicle to turn back the clock. Virginians deserve a Governor that works to increase their rights not take them away."