McCain Stumps for Romney in VA Day After Reaffirming His Support for Richard Mourdock


RICHMOND, VA -- Today, John McCain hits the campaign trail for Mitt Romney in Fairfax and Woodbridge just a day after reaffirming his support for Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who earlier this week said that pregnancies that resulted from rape were "something God intended to happen."  Mitt Romney continues to stand by his endorsement of Mourdock and refuses to ask for Mourdock's ad featuring him to be taken down. 

McCain's stump for Romney is very telling of where Mitt Romney and his Republican colleagues like former Senator George Allen stand on Mourdock's comments. From Richard Mourdock's comment that pregnancy resulting in rape is "something God intended to happen" to Todd Akin's offensive "legitimate rape" rhetoric, the Republicans are running on a platform of stripping rape survivors of their abortion rights.


"Most Virginians would agree that these words are beyond inaccurate and offensive, they're dangerous," said DPVA spokespersonAshley Bauman. "Mitt Romney and the extreme Republican right have had a chance to stand up for rape survivors and reject the extreme views of Richard Mourdock but instead Romney doubled down his support by sending Mourdock supporter McCain to Virginia to campaign for him and refusing to ask to have the web video removed where Mitt Romney endorsed Mourdock.  


"Virginia's women and women across the country deserve a President and members in the Senate who will stand up for their reproductive health during some of the most emotionally challenging times. A Romney, Allen and Mourdock ticket would roll back health care rights and present a real threat to a woman's right to make their own decisions about their body."