ICYMI: Cuccinelli's Conservative Crusade Continues


RICHMOND - Just weeks after Virginia voted for candidates that put results ahead of partisan divisiveness, the Republican Party of Virginia clears the way for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who went out of his way this weekend to assure fellow Republicans that he will be as radical as ever as he begins his run for Governor. 



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Washington Post
GOP fratricide in Virginia


REPUBLICANS IN VIRGINIA have been busy downsizing their tent for some time, mainly to their own detriment. Despite some success in state legislative elections, which owe much to gerrymandered districts, they have lost three straight elections for the U.S. Senate, two for the presidency and two out of the last three for governor. Not coincidentally, that anemic record coincides with the party's sharp tilt to the right, which has made centrists feel unwelcome.


So it was that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, a right-wing firebrand who has flirted with birtherism, denied climate change, bashed gays and waged a jihad against abortion, managed to outmaneuver Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. By any measure, Mr. Bolling qualifies as a rock-ribbed conservative. But his pragmatic streak and mild demeanor paled in comparison to Mr. Cuccinelli's flame-throwing appeal to tea partyers and other GOP radicals. On Wednesday, Mr. Bolling announced that he was bowing out of contention for the Republican nomination for governor.


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