How often does Cuccinelli put campaign ahead of Virginia taxpayers?


Richmond, VA – Today’s release of a new American Bridge video featuring Ken Cuccinelli missing a considerable portion of a school safety task force in order to make a political speech raises serious questions about how often he is putting his campaign ahead of his official duties.


“Skipping out on a large portion of a meeting about keeping school kids safe in order to campaign for Governor is the exact opposite of what voters had in mind when they hired Ken Cuccinelli to be their attorney general,” said DPVA spokesman Brian Coy. “This is just one incident that happened to be caught on tape – how often does he put his political campaign ahead of the duties of his office?


“This is exactly why the past six attorneys general have resigned before running for Governor rather than doing the job part-time, and why Cuccinelli should follow suit. And if he won’t he should at least respond to public inquiries about his schedule and let Virginia taxpayers see how often he bails on his responsibilities in order to campaign for Governor.”  


The video interposes clips of Cuccinelli discussing his campaign for Governor and asking the crowd for votes with his apologies for leaving early to attend a meeting of the Governor’s task force to recommend school safety changes in light of the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. The video also features footage of Cuccinelli’s empty chair in the task force meeting as attendees take several votes without him.


Last month numerous Virginia legislators asked Cuccinelli to observe the tradition of past attorneys general resigning their offices before running for Governor in order to ensure that Virginia has a full-time Attorney General. He has so far refused.


Last week Northern Virginia attorney Michael Signer filed a public records request asking Cuccinelli to prove that his campaign is not interfering with his duties or using public resources for political purposes. To date his office has not responded to that request.