How Convenient: Cuccinelli Sits out His First Political Fight


Last night WWBT's Ryan Nobles posted Ken Cuccinelli's latest refusal to take a position on the Senate Republicans' backroom redistricting plan passed last week while civil rights leader Henry Marsh was away.


Cuccinelli has repeatedly said his refusal is a matter of him remaining impartial if he has to do defend the law in court, and has nothing to do with ducking behind his desk in order give Senate Republicans cover for their power grab. Unfortunately, that same reasoning did not seem to apply on several other controversial matters where the Attorney General was all too happy to throw his weight behind his favored position.


When members of the Virginia Board of Health attempted to exempt existing women's health clinics from radical new regulations passed by the General Assembly, Cuccinelli didn't hesitate to bully members of the Board into applying those regulations to existing clinics by threatening not perform his duty to represent them should they be sued over the matter.


Even more recently Cuccinelli weighed in on another Senate Republican effort to marginalize Virginia voters, a bill to change how Virginia reapportions its electoral votes to give Republican areas more votes.


"Ken Cuccinelli never hesitates to use his office to advance his pet political causes, and that's exactly what he's doing by refusing to take a public stand against the Republican redistricting power grab," said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring.


"His remaining the only statewide office holder to refuse to openly take a position has nothing to do with remaining impartial and everything to do with sitting back and hoping Republicans succeed in their undemocratic power grab."