Cuccinelli Stands Alone in Refusing to Condemn GOP Redistricting Power Grab


Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the only statewide elected official of either party to refuse to condemn the Senate Republicans' vote on Monday to redistrict the entire Commonwealth while civil rights leader Senator Henry Marsh was away attending President Obama's inauguration.

"For three days, the legislature has been consumed with a divisive partisan proposal that has nothing to do with improving Virginia's economy," said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring. "And for three days, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has once again sided with extreme partisans by silently endorsing this divisive proposal. Every elected statewide Democrat and Republican has spoken out against this divisive plan except Cuccinelli. 
"This is just one more time that Cuccinelli has made clear he is more interested in divisive partisan battles than mainstream economic issues."