Cuccinelli should condemn ally’s inflammatory statements


Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Brian Moran released the following statement today urging Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to condemn statements made by Bob Fitzsimmonds, Cuccinelli’s former legislative aide and the current Treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia.


“Taking to Facebook to muse on the death of the President of the United States and whether or not he will go to hell is well below the standard of conduct Virginians set for their public officials and political leaders.


“Mr. Fitzsimmonds should apologize and his close allies like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins should condemn his inflammatory remarks immediately. As leaders in Washington put the elections behind them and try to solve the enormous challenges we face as a country, this type of rhetoric raises serious questions about whether certain factions of the Republican party are capable of putting Virginia families ahead of ugly partisan rancor.”


Today the Virginian-Pilot reported on comments made by Prince William County Deputy Clerk of Court and Ken Cuccinelli’s former Legislative Aide Bob Fitzsimmonds anticipating President Barack Obama’s death and suggesting that he will go to hell when he dies. See the full article below:


Virginian-Pilot: GOP official and Cuccinelli ally anticipates when Obama 'goes to Hell'