Cuccinelli Can’t Keep Ignoring Jobs and the Economy


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been running for Governor for nearly a year and he’s doing a lot to make sure Virginians know what his priorities would be if elected.


A look at his campaign website reveals page upon page of statements and highlights of the agenda Cuccinelli would bring with him to the Governor’s Mansion.


Virginians investigating his “Issues” page will find a list of areas that he will presumably focus upon if elected that range from “The Constitution and Liberty” to “Immigration” and the “2nd Amendment.” Unfortunately, what they won’t find on that list is “Jobs” or “The Economy.” In fact, the word “jobs” does not appear anywhere on any of the pages that lay out his priorities and reasons for running for Governor.

A separate item on Cuccinelli’s website entitled “Why I’m running for Governor” devotes 1,105 words to explaining why he’s running -- not a single one of them is “jobs,” or “economy.”


“Every Virginian should be highly concerned that Ken Cuccinelli's website issues pages and explanation of why he’s running for Governor lack any detailed discussion of creating jobs or growing our economy,” said DPVA Chairman Brian Moran.


“Virginians need a Governor whose first priority is making their lives better, not one who’s more interested in partisan posturing and shaking his fist at Washington than he is in creating jobs and growing our economy. Ken Cuccinelli can’t credibly ask the people of this Commonwealth to make him their Governor if he continues pursue his own personal political agenda while ignoring the issues that are most important to their lives. 


"He should amend his website to include his vision on jobs and the economy or tell the people of Virginia why those issues don’t stand equal to his other pet crusades.”  


As of 10:00am on Thursday, November 29th a word search of each of Ken Cuccinelli’s “Issues” pages and his lengthy “Why I’m Running for Governor” post returned exactly zero mentions of the word “jobs."