Christie Now Supports Medicaid Expansion, Why Not McDonnell?

RICHMOND -- In case you missed it, Josh Vorhees from Slate reported that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey became the latest Republican in a growing list to come out in support of Medicaid expansion, which Governor McDonnell actively opposes.

"In the Commonwealth, Medicaid expansion would provide health coverage to nearly 400,000 Virginians, 33,000 of whom are Virginia's veterans," said DVPA Spokeswoman Ashley Bauman, "Maybe at Thursday's fundraiser McDonnell is hosting for Christie in Northern Virginia he'll have a change of heart and realize that, not only is he leaving millions of federal dollars on the table each day, but expanding Medicaid will also provide coverage to the Virginians who need it most. Governor McDonnell should follow the ever growing chorus of Republican Governors and support the Expansion of Medicaid." 








Add Chris Christie to the List of GOP Governors Ready To Accept Obama's Medicaid Expansion



Chris Christie is set to lay out his 2013 budget proposal to New Jersey lawmakers later this afternoon, but the Star-Ledger scoops what's likely to be the big takeaway: He's ready to accept the Medicaid expansion offered by Obamacare:




As for his decision to expand Medicaid, the Republican governor, a critic of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, could reap up to $300 million by expanding the state program in the coming budget year. For weeks, a coalition of labor, religious, family and consumer groups waged an aggressive letter-writing and media campaign encouraging Christie to expand the Medicaid program. Doing so, they argued, would allow 300,000 uninsured and childless people to



Florida Gov. Rick Scott made a similar decision, a reversal that was probably an even bigger get for the White House given Scott made his name in the Sunshine State by opposing the president's landmark health care law.