Allen tries to Etch-a-Sketch Record on Equal Pay

Richmond, VA - Yesterday during a radio interview on the Mark Levine Show, former Senator George Allen tried to walk away from his dismal record on equal pay for equal work saying:
"I think women ought to get equal pay for equal work. That's the law and I support it."
Allen's newfound equal pay rhetoric ignores the fact that Virginia women still make 79 cents for every dollar men make for the same work.
It also fails to mention that the most recent legislative achievement to making that goal a reality was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, a law that he still refuses to support.
He also continues to duck and dodge questions about the Paycheck Fairness Act that would further arm women to make sure they are paid as much as their male counterparts.
Allen's lack of support for fair pay legislation is the latest chapter in his disastrous record on women's economic and health care rights. He voted against the Family and Medical Leave Act that protects women from losing their jobs while taking leave to give birth or care for a sick loved one.
He supports Personhood legislation that could ban abortions and some forms of birth control, as well as the Blunt amendment that would give employers the right to deny employees access to contraceptives and other health care necessities for any reason. He also voted against requiring insurance plans to offer the same type of coverage for birth control that they do for Viagra.
George Allen can try and Etch-a-Sketch his positions on women's rights all he wants, but his pre-election rhetoric won't cover up a career-long record of opposing economic and health care freedom and equality for Virginia women.